Greek School

St. George Greek School is free for all members of St. George Greek Orthodox Church Ages K-6th Grade

Schedule: Monday-Friday 4:00-6:30pm (depending on the child’s level the classes meet once a week.)

Greek School Mission and Goals

The mission of the Greek Afternoon School is to teach the Greek Language to all young people and strengthen their Hellenic-Christian ties, contributing to the growth of the Church and the dynamic advancement and progress of all members of the Greek Community.

The main goals of the School are:

  • To develop basic Greek language skills.
  • To initiate the students in the Hellenic-Christian ideals, customs, practices and traditions.
  • To familiarize them with the fundamentals of Greek Civilization and history.
  • To promote friendships and communication among them in a climate of mutual understanding and trust.

Goals of Program Offered

The Program targets the development of the four language skill areas of attending students i.e. Oral Communication (Conversation), Written Communication (Writing), Reading and Listening Comprehension.

The Oral Communication Program targets mainly the oral expression capability of the attending students. It also aims at the best possible development of the remaining three language skills areas, within the limited time of instruction and learning, i.e. Writing, Reading, and Listening. Also, students should become familiar with the Hellenic-Christian ideals, customs, practices and traditions. The acquisition of the fundamental knowledge in History, Geography and Civilization is also targeted.

Finally, through this educational preparation, students will be able to feel proud of their Greek-American ethnic heritage. Being the offspring of an illustrious people, they will hopefully be leaders in spreading and promoting the Greek education and culture, future protagonists of the affairs of the Church and Community of St. George, and above all valued individuals to their families, the Greek Orthodox Church, the Greek Community, their fellow people in America, Greece and the world at large.

The program will use the “I Learn Greek” book series. Also, it will incorporate crafts, Greek games and songs. We are also enhancing the children’s learning ability by a new software program called “Greek Now!” since it has been proven that language learning using software is very successful. We are looking forward to a productive and fun school year!

Other activities offered:

  • OXI Day Celebration
  • Greek Independence Celebration
  • Christmas Program
  • Ice-Cream Social
  • Barbeque
  • Greek Play

For more information please call the Church office at 622-9113

St. George Greek oRthodox Cathedral

Manchester NH

Feel free to contact us anytime through the website or by calling 603-622-9113.  We look forward to having you as part of our community!

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