Holy Communion

As material food nourishes and sustains our physical bodies, so does the Holy Eucharist nourish and sustain our souls in sacramental union with God. Orthodox Christians (who have been baptized and chrismated into the Faith) prepare themselves prayerfully and responsibly for the acceptance of Holy Communion. Then, after proper preparation Orthodox Christians may approach the Holy Chalice of the Lord reverently during the Divine Liturgy.

Orthodox faithful are encouraged to participate in the weekly Eucharist, including children whose early Christian upbringing in the Church is critical to their overall spiritual formation as active and serious members of Christ’s Holy Body of believers. If a person is confined to bed and cannot attend the Divine Liturgy at church, please call the priest and he will make arrangements to visit the person and offer him or her Holy Communion. In cases of an emergency, contact the parish priest immediately.

St. George Greek oRthodox Cathedral

Manchester NH

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