SacramentAL Guidelines

Our Orthodox faith is built upon the celebration of many beautiful sacraments and religious services. There are special experiences in our unified life as Orthodox Christians when the perception of God’s presence and actions is heightened and celebrated. We call these events Sacraments. Traditionally, the Sacraments have been known as Mysteries in the Orthodox Church. This description emphasizes that in these special events of the Church, God discloses Himself through the prayers and actions of His people.

Not only do the Sacraments disclose and reveal God to us, but also they serve to make us receptive to God. All the Sacraments affect our personal relationship to God and to one another. The Holy Spirit works through the Sacraments.

We have seven sacraments: Holy Communion (Eucharist), Baptism, Chrismation, Confession, Marriage, Ordination (Holy Orders), and Holy Unction.