Church Choir


Many people in our congregation are blessed with beautiful voices. You may stand near one of them in your pew; perhaps you yourself are one such person.

Would you like to do more than just follow along with the choir in the singing of our worship? Are you concerned that there will be no choir left to lead the singing? Are you willing to spend one evening of the month with the choir in preparation so that our spiritual celebrations go smoothly and beautifully? Are you willing to just come and sit on our side of the church and join us?   You are welcome to be a part of the choir, we would love to have you join us.

Not all choir members are trained musicians, able to read music and experienced in singing with a group. However, even as ‘amateurs’ and volunteers, choir members can grow in their knowledge of music and create a sound that matches the beauty of our services.  I hear many of you say “I can’t sing”……oh but you can.

We will help you – just give us a try.   Don’t let us down!! We need your help. 

Contact the church office for more information.

Church Choir

Cathy Moufarge – Sr. Choir Director
Joyce Trapotsis – Organist

St. George Greek oRthodox Cathedral

Manchester NH

Feel free to contact us anytime through the website or by calling 603-622-9113.  We look forward to having you as part of our community!

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